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Why Chose STAR ICSI IVF Pakistan
Pakistan's #1 for fertility

STAR ICSI IVF has more experienced fertility specialists, offering many treatment options, in more locations, to create more babies than any other fertility group.

At STAR ICSI IVF we have a team of fertility specialists at clinics, as well as access to the advanced science to help give you, your best possible chance of having a baby.
Advanced treatment options
STAR ICSI IVF has an active focus in areas of both clinic and laboratory based research, with one of the only dedicated in-house clinical research departments in Pakistan.

Some of the advanced scientific techniques and programs we offer include:
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal variations

  • Preimplantation genetic screening, also known as PGT-A, to screen all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo and selectively implant only the ones that are chromosomally healthy.

  • Time-lapse analysis to record the development of embryos and identify those more likely to result in a pregnancy.

  • Complementary and adjuvant IVF therapies that may be considered during IVF treatment to improve pregnancy success, particularly in women with repeated IVF failure.

Excellent success rates
Your STAR ICSI IVF fertility specialist will tailor the most appropriate treatment plan to give you the best opportunity of taking home a baby.

The biggest factor affecting the chance of pregnancy success is the age of the woman. Visit our success rates page for a breakdown of IVF success rates by age group.

If you're not getting the results where you are now, you can contact STAR ICSI IVF for a second opinion.
Personalised care and support
Your fertility specialist will play an integral role in your treatment and care, performing all your procedures whenever possible, including monitoring ultrasounds scans, egg collection and embryo transfer, tailoring a treatment plan to suit you. Your dedicated nursing team will provide you with individualised care throughout your treatment answering any questions and liaising with your fertility specialist.

Our experienced psychologists and social workers provide comprehensive counseling support, in addition to patient support groups which assist in providing emotional benefits and decrease any sense of isolation.
Convenience and choice
STAR ICSI IVF provides a comprehensive range of services at fertility clinics so you don't have to travel far from home or work.
Upfront treatment costs and flexible payment options
At STAR ICSI IVF, we provide access to world-class fertility treatment and advanced science with no hidden fees outside of our IVF treatment costs. We offer a range of payment options to help you manage the cost of fertility treatment.
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