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What is failure called
We only declare the failure if someone conceives baby girl. Many couple has this misconception that if they did not conceive by this method then we label it failure. This method is applicable only those couple who can conceive easily. We only claim to stop X sperm entrance in uterine cavity and allow the entrance of Y sperm inside the uterine cavity. Sperm has to travel its distance at its own and fertilization will be by normal way so if patient does not conceives in 3 months then failure is not declared because our technology in only claiming 95% entrance of Y sperm.
Sperm Sorting
This technology is by Prof Panos Zavos. Our centre is directly and officially affiliated with  Andrology institute of America and this technology is basically consisting of many sequence of laboratory manuals and step by which Y and X sperm are separated invitro and segregated pallots are transferred inside the uterus.
Step of Procedure
  • Male is evaluated for X and Y sperm studies.
  • Female partner is given some medication’s to induce ovulation induction monitored and LH surge is given after 36 – 40 hours sperm are separated in to X & Y sperms pallots step wise in lab by different machines and medias.
  • These pallot’s are transferred inside the uterine cavity by a catheter Pt is given leuteal support.
Benefits of this method
  • It can be offered to those male who have competitively less Y sperm because in lab these Pallets are segregated and isolated resulting in more dense concentration of required Pallets.
  • More acceptable by educated people.
  • More acceptable for those who are not living together.
Draw Back’s
  • Not applicable to those couple who has more several male formations in their sperm.
  • Chances of getting pregnancy only 40% in one month.
  • Couple has to visit many times for monitoring of egg and sperm production in hospital.
  • Comparatively more expensive.
Success Rate
  • It is about 86 – 95%.
  • Any how good and easy way of getting baby of own choice.
Pre implantation genetics diagnostic and screening is the ultimate and last way to get reliable selection of embryo and its Sex along with detection of other genetic abnormalities.
  • Wife is given medicine and injection for ovulation induction
  • Sequence monitoring by ultra sonography and some blood test is done.
  • LH surge is given when egg gets mature.
  • After 36 hours eggs are retrieved semen collected.
  • IVF and ICSI are performed.
  • Resulting embryos are usually dealt for biopsy at blastocyst or morulla stage.
  • Embryos are only transferred after confirmation of gender and other required chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Psychological assurance that embryo will be checked then transferred.
  • 98% success of gender selection.
Draw backs
  • It is expensive.
  • Need long term hospital visits.
  • More disappointment if could not conceived because chance of conception are not more than 40% in any case.
  • More psychological trauma in caresses of failure.
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