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Pre-IVF fertility Check up
STAR ICSI IVF fertility specialists are here to help you take your first step to becoming a parent.
Sometimes you just need the right advice to help guide you along the way. A Fertility Check Up will help you to understand the factors affecting your fertility with a few simple tests.
What is covered by the Pre-IVF Fertility Check Up rebate?

AMH test
Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is a hormone secreted by cells in developing egg sacs (follicles). The level of AMH in a woman's blood is generally a good indicator of her ovarian reserve. AMH does not change during your menstrual cycle, so the blood sample can be taken at any time of the month - even while you are using oral contraception.

Semen analysis
To measure the quantity and quality of sperm.

Pelvic ultrasound
Checks the lining of your womb and overall structure and helps diagnose any underlying conditions such as fibroids or ovarian cysts.

Ovulation test
A blood test to test for ovulation

Fertility specialist consultation
Get expert advice to help you conceive and answer any questions.
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