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Gender Selection
Andrology institute of Pakistan (STAR ICSI) is working since feb 2009 in Pakistan. This ART center was formed with collaboration of USA, basically as a developing country project and started in the city of eagles (Sargodha). Idea behind this center was to help those who are financially deprived and cannot afford the expenses of IVF, ICSI.

Later on project of gender selection was started in 2012 basically concept and idea behind this gender selection was to help those deprived females of this society who are becoming the victim of Anemia, APH (Anti Partum Heamarhage), Premature deliveries, systemic disorders resulting in maternal morbidity and maternal mortality, just because of this fact that they are forced to produce a child every year because their busband’s and families need baby boy.

Dr. Sajida Shahnawaz started this project of gender selection and conducted her study regarding her new technology ISSF (Invivo Selected sperm filtration) and offered that she can control the population of Pakistan in the coming 5 years by this technology.
Methods of Gender Selection
  • ISSF (Invivo Selected Sperm Filtration).
  • Sperm Sorting.
  • PGD and PGS.
Dr. Sajida Shahnawaz along her team of STAR ICSI was performing a research on cervical musous of different females in there reproductive age 20 – 44 yrs. Idea was to sort out some changes in infertile women. This mucous was collected in there infertility windows. This study was conducted with the help of lady health workers. They were provided performa in urdu where informations were kept secret by studying their mucous study. This fact was found that some families have very narrow fenestrations in their mucous. When their details were taken, then astonishing fact, come into knowledge that these women were having only male babies in their families.

Actually this is fact when sperm enters in cervical mucous during fertility window then size of these fenestration become adjustable according to Antisperm antibodies reaction with female cervical mucous. In some couple this reaction is strong resulting in narrow fenestrations, where light narrow and motile sperm (y sperm) can only get enters.
What we do in this technology
  • We take cervical mucous of female partner.
  • Husbands semes Analysis and evaluation of X and Y Sperm.
  • Sperm mucous interaction study.
  • We prepare a gell at the basis of this cervical mucous and sperm induction study.
  • It is applied to cervical canal just to initiate the reaction to facilitate the narrowing of fenestration in cervical mucous allowing only Y sperm to move in which are lighter in weight, more motile and smaller in diameter.
  • Pt is provided with some booster to activate this reaction. All instruction are given on individual basis and very easy to understand by a common person.
Benefits of this Procedure
  • Easy approach.
  • Male acceptability.
  • No religious limitations because patient my conceive at home.
  • No fear of sperm mixing as many patients have.
  • Cheapest way of gender selection.
  • No frequent visits required.
  • Time limits 3 month’s so more chances of conception as compared to other methods.
Draw Backs
Some patient’s have poor Y sperm motility or low sperm count, so this method is not suitable for such patients. Not applied to those who need baby girl.
Success Rate
  • Success rate is uptill 90 -95%.
  • Chances of getting pregnancy are not more then 40% in any case.
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